Brandeis Training Services

Brandeis Machinery and Supply Company offers basic and advanced training classes for your technical personnel through our Technical Training Department.  Improve your experienced technicians’ ability to diagnose and repair equipment or give your newer technicians broader knowledge in all the basic systems of heavy equipment.  We can increase the effectiveness of your maintenance personnel by expanding their knowledge about maintenance in general, including taking and interpreting oil samples.

Various Levels of Training to meet your company’s needs


We offer introductory classes in the basic understanding of hydraulics, electical, power train and diesel engines.

Structure & Function Familiarization:

Learn about how components function and relate to each other, what’s involved in system design, and the principles of testing & adjusting these components.


We’ll teach you how to read and interpret diagnostic charts, appropriate procedures to follow when troubleshooting a problem, industry and manufacturer standards and allowable tolerances, and discuss special tools & equipment required to efficiently troubleshoot today’s advanced technologies.  We employ the use of the KISS principle to explain the logic required to successfully troubleshoot and diagnose problems.


Scheduled Maintenance is a MUST to assure low operational cost of today’s modern machinery.  We instruct your company in the proper methods & procedures for Scheduled Maintenance and the correct use of charts provided by various manufacturers.  Good Scheduled Maintenance must include oil samples.  We teach how to properly take oil samples and how to interpret the results.  We recommend a tour of our local diagnostic laboratory as a part of the training process.

Operator Familiarization:

Along with our technical training we offer your operators model-specific familiarization of cab & controls, daily maintenance, safety features, and other general operational guidelines.

Komatsu Technical Instruction

While we offer valuable general technical training for all makes of equipment we specialize in all facets of training for Komatsu products.  Our factory-trained instructor can bring the latest technical information to your companies service organization.  Here are some of the areas you may consider for your company:

Chassis & Engine Shop Manuals:

We’ll teach you how to search the manuals for helpful information and how to locate the various sections of the manual to assure good repair procedures.  You’ll learn to interpret schematics, diagrams & diagnostic trees.  What tools or equipment are needed to make adjustments and test items?  We’ll show you!  What are the performance specifications of your machine?  You’ll learn where to find them! 

Learn more about the following areas of your Komatsu equipment:

  • Structure & Function
  • Testing, Adjusting and Troubleshooting
  • Assembly & Disassembly
  • Maintenance Standards

Parts Manuals:

We instruct on the proper use of manuals and computer-based resources to identify correct parts for your machines.

Operation & Maintenance Manuals:

What does this switch operate?  Why is the light blinking and buzzer sounding?  The answers are found here, along with the entire, step-by-step maintenance outline for your machine.

Training available when and where you want it!

Technical or operator classes can be conducted at your jobsite or shop, at a Brandeis facility, or at any suitable site selected by you.  Day-of-week and time-of-day is flexible to meet virtually any schedule.


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