Parts Distribution

Brandeis stocks a multi-million dollar parts inventory, housed in our eight branch warehouses, across Kentucky and Indiana. We recognize that having the right part at the right time is extremely important to our customers.

However, we also realize that no matter how much inventory we stock, there are going to be times when the part our customer needs is not on our shelf. For that reason, Brandeis and our manufacturers work together to provide the parts you need when you want them.

Brandeis Parts Express trucks pick up emergency and stock replenishment parts from the Komatsu Master Parts Distribution Center in Ripley, Tennessee. These parts are then distributed to the appropriate branch locations overnight along with parts to support all of our product being transferred within our branch system.

Therefore, if our customers’ parts orders are in before 4 PM EST, those parts are available by the following day. This assures minimum downtime when emergency situations occur.

The Komatsu factory in Chattanooga is also available to call upon when needed. This enables us to provide the best parts backup of any dealer in Kentucky and Indiana.

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